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A collection of the things that inspire fun, naughty notions in my mind as well as the TF, FemDom, bimbofication, domestication, Stepfordization -- even sometimes sissification if the mood strikes me -- and MC/hypno captions I write for my amusement -- as well as others. And no, that isn't me -- it's the lovely Ms. Ross as she appeared in the closing scene of one of my all time favorite movies.
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"Oh you must be kidding me, Jake."


"This is REALLY what you chose for me to wear to Luke and Karen’s party?"

"Hey, it was a fair bet.  Pats won the game, I got to choose your costume."

"Look, I put it on.  You got to see it.  You win.  I’m going to go take it off now."

"Um … no …uh … what was I supposed to say again?"

"Jake, you’re mumbling again.  What?"

"Oh yeah … Purr, Kitty Cat, Purr"

" … "




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